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Ernie and the Berts, The Botched, & Bunny Five Coat at the 31st Street Pub!

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Ernie and the Berts, Rob Kocher, & Heroin T at the Fallout Shelter! Sat. Jan. 26th!

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Westerburg, The Lady & The Monsters, Substitute for Quality, & Ernie and the Berts at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern!

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  • Friday – December 7th, 2012
  • 9:00pm Show
  • $5
  • 21+
  • Check out their menu!
  • Non-smoking in the main bar where the stage & food are, but there is smoking allowed on the attached heated/enclosed balcony.
  • Facebook Event



An update from Ernie, on that social media site…

From the Facebook:

Ernie and the Berts · 295 like this

21 hours ago near Pittsburgh ·

  • If you are reading this it is your personal responsibility to tell your friends about Ernie and the Berts. Should you choose not to do this, your favorite animal will lose a whisker, and that whisker will be found by some weirdo that will take that whisker and use it to paint warhammer minis. Do you want your animals whisker to be used to paint pewter toys? I didn’t think so. .. Ernie and the Berts are starting to record our debut record for the second time. If we get to 325 likes I will tell you what I intend to title this masterpiece. Tell your friends. Save the whiskers. Love each other. Don’t Do drugs. Bake a pie. Eat breakfast. Enjoy your life. Even if you paint warhammer figures with whiskers. Good night.
    -your pal Ernie

So click here to like/share it: https://www.facebook.com/ErnieAndTheBerts/posts/490396930988075

Fri. Aug. 3rd @ Howler’s: Empty Orchestra, Shores, & Ernie and the Berts!

Michigan invades Pittsburgh next Friday!  The showdown’s at one of our favorite spots in Bloomfield…

The Bands:

  • Empty Orchestra Facebook / Twitter / MySpace / ReverbNation
    We are Empty Orchestra, and we are an American musical group from Flint, Michigan. Our songs are fistfights of traditions and generations and genres and tempos and hope and doubt and death and punchlines. Our roots are in punk rock and our ambitions are for song creation without boundaries. We are a community. We love making songs, we love playing songs, we love you. Thanks. This is fun.
  • ShoresFacebook / Twitter / Tumblr / ReverbNation
    “Shores will pull you into a wintry, slowpaced haze and crescendos rising from the tinkling intros envelop you in a haunting, yet calming musical blanket. Shores make it all sound so effortless: subtle melodies twist their way around carved out guitar lines and prominent drums. It’s clean without being over-produced and offers dark and moody vibes, strung along by the constant promise of a climactic finale. Very much compelling, charming, subdued, delicate and mesmerising…” -Emily Kearns, rocksound.tv
  • Ernie and the Berts Facebook / Reverb Nation / MySpace / Twitter / Yahoo! Group / Google+
    Sleazy Muppet Rock.  Hey Bert? You wanna play some rock and roll for the children? Bert?

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Check out this interview with Ernie and the Berts from AZ Productions!

So, when Ernie and the Berts opened for the Real McKenzies at the Altar Bar, we were approached by Jamie & Blair of AZ Productions HD to do an interview.  Why wouldn’t we?  I mean we are rock stars, right?  I believe this is our first video interview.  We had a blast!  They also got some live footage, and put together some nice shots for our performance of “Toybox” during the set that night.  Check it out:

So take the link and spread it like Herpes: http://youtu.be/5g1lg0wot_U

We’d really appreciate it (& I’m sure they would too) if you watch it & like it on YouTube (Also add it to your Ernie and the Berts playlist if you’d like.  You have one …right?), share & like it on Facebook, share & +1 it on Google+, Tweet it & Re-Tweet it, pin it, share it on tumblr, blog it… show it to your mom on your cell phone.  You know, do what you do.

Check out AZ Productions HD all over the internet:

Of course, check out the Real McKenzies from that night at the Altar Bar too:

You’ll note that the video has a shout-out to Turner’s for our sweet free Tea-shirts (sported by Bert & Bert)!  We’d like to thank them for the hookup!  Check them out on Facebook & Twitter too!  Maybe someday we’ll get the Tea-Bird (or maybe the truck) to come to a show!

If you ever get photos or video at a show, please send it our way!  We’re narcissists & we feed on it.  Mmm…  Media.

Ernie and the Berts photos from the Altar Bar & Howler’s…

So, we have some photos to share from the Altar Bar & Howler’s.

The first set is from our friend Heather.  She got some great shots, and we’re glad to have her taking photos at shows!  They’re up on her Facebook page:

Check out some more of her work at Heather L. Miller Photography!

Ernie and the Berts - Rockin' the Altar Bar

We also have some awesome photos from Bert’s wife Bethany posted in our Facebook albums:

So, check ’em all out!  Also share any photos and videos if you got ’em, we saw lots of flashes going off at the Altar Bar.

Ernie and the Berts - Rockin' at Howler's!

Valley of Steel – Show Recap

Our pal Eric Yano (of Valley of Steel) had a good time at the Altar Bar, check out his take on it all in the comments here:

Yeah, it was a ton of fun — the only downside was the considerable lack of pirate music…

Thanks for coming out, Eric!  We also really dig the kind words!

Shows are falling out of the sky at us… THIS FRIDAY @ HOWLER’S (Bloomfield)!

So, we’ve been offered a last-minute gig at Howler’s, and we dig it there… so we’re gonna do it.

Here are all the details we have so far, with a flyer from the band Dutch Courage:

Friday - June 8th, 2012 at Howler's

“Details?” you ask.  Details, I’ll provide.  Well, as much as I could gather, anyway…

The Bands:

The Place:

The Details:

So, we have a flyer for that last one…

Sat. July 23rd, 2012 @ the Fallout Shelter!

Rockin’ & rollin’ underneath bowlin’!


We’ll be rockin’ the shelter with three very different solo artists on Saturday June 23rd.  We’re used to being the odd men out.  This time the difference will be rather obvious.  There’s three of them… and three of us, but they’re all one at a time.

The Artists:

The Place:

The Details: