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Ernie and the Berts, Rob Kocher, & Heroin T at the Fallout Shelter! Sat. Jan. 26th!

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Wed. Oct. 10th – Brothers of Brazil, Ernie and the Berts, & more at the Smiling Moose!

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Here’s all about the brothers:

It’s probably safe to say that you’ve never heard anything like Brothers Of Brazil before. For the past three years the brotherly duo of Supla and Joäo have been making some of the most original songs around by combining elements of traditional Brazilian music such as Bossa nova and samba with rock and funk to create a unique sound that’s won over countless fans in the band’s home base of South America—and now they’re finally ready to expand worldwide with the release of their self-titled album.
The duo was started when the brothers got a job hosting their own national variety show in Brazil called Brothers on Rede TV. It was then they realized that when they collaborated the results were beyond what they had ever imagined.

After the TV show ran its course the duo decided to pursue their newly found realization and start Brothers Of Brazi l. Their debut album was produced by Mario Caldato, Jr. (Beastie Boys, Tone Loc). It may be the first that those of us outside South America have heard from the band, but judging by the reaction Brothers Of Brazil have gotten all over the world as a result of their raucous live shows it certainly won’t be the last.

From the instantly catchy samba sound of “Samba Around The Clock” to the rockabilly vibe of “Paparazzi” Brothers Of Brazil is an album that takes the band’s diverse group of influences and juxtaposes them into a very listenable brand of music that has as much emphasis on storytelling as it does songwriting. “We’re both into rock and Brazilian music so Brothers Of Brazil is very about that mix,” explains Joäo. The act has never relied on gimmicks: “The most important thing to us is to have a good song because if a song sucks it doesn’t matter how many styles you’re mixing together,” Supple clarifies.

Already The Brothers have played huge festivals such as Planet Earth and the SWU Music + Arts Festival as well as Rock In Rio in Portugal and now couldn’t be more excited about finally having a worldwide release for Brothers Of Brazil.

“I think we bring something different by having two brothers singing with great harmonies, crazy rockin jazz drumming, nylon string acoustic guitar playing with the bass notes played on his thumb and no bass guitar” Supla explains when asked what he thinks makes BOB stand out from other two-piece acts.

Supla continues, clarifying that while the band tackle every style from funk to rockabilly, Joäo’s traditional picking style and Supla’s distinctive drumming always ties these songs together. Ultimately no matter what language you speak or what type of genres you personally prefer, Brothers Of Brazil is a unique listening experience that will remind you that great songwriting is truly universal.

…and so do you.

We’re working on a new one.  Tell is what you think about it.  This was recorded thanks to Howler’s & their new awesome video setup.

So, comment… share, watch, watch again, leave it up on the screen when browsing the internet at a store or on someone else’s computer… all the fun stuff.

Fri. Aug. 3rd @ Howler’s: Empty Orchestra, Shores, & Ernie and the Berts!

Michigan invades Pittsburgh next Friday!  The showdown’s at one of our favorite spots in Bloomfield…

The Bands:

  • Empty Orchestra Facebook / Twitter / MySpace / ReverbNation
    We are Empty Orchestra, and we are an American musical group from Flint, Michigan. Our songs are fistfights of traditions and generations and genres and tempos and hope and doubt and death and punchlines. Our roots are in punk rock and our ambitions are for song creation without boundaries. We are a community. We love making songs, we love playing songs, we love you. Thanks. This is fun.
  • ShoresFacebook / Twitter / Tumblr / ReverbNation
    “Shores will pull you into a wintry, slowpaced haze and crescendos rising from the tinkling intros envelop you in a haunting, yet calming musical blanket. Shores make it all sound so effortless: subtle melodies twist their way around carved out guitar lines and prominent drums. It’s clean without being over-produced and offers dark and moody vibes, strung along by the constant promise of a climactic finale. Very much compelling, charming, subdued, delicate and mesmerising…” -Emily Kearns, rocksound.tv
  • Ernie and the Berts Facebook / Reverb Nation / MySpace / Twitter / Yahoo! Group / Google+
    Sleazy Muppet Rock.  Hey Bert? You wanna play some rock and roll for the children? Bert?

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Ernie and the Berts photos from the Altar Bar & Howler’s…

So, we have some photos to share from the Altar Bar & Howler’s.

The first set is from our friend Heather.  She got some great shots, and we’re glad to have her taking photos at shows!  They’re up on her Facebook page:

Check out some more of her work at Heather L. Miller Photography!

Ernie and the Berts - Rockin' the Altar Bar

We also have some awesome photos from Bert’s wife Bethany posted in our Facebook albums:

So, check ’em all out!  Also share any photos and videos if you got ’em, we saw lots of flashes going off at the Altar Bar.

Ernie and the Berts - Rockin' at Howler's!

Shows are falling out of the sky at us… THIS FRIDAY @ HOWLER’S (Bloomfield)!

So, we’ve been offered a last-minute gig at Howler’s, and we dig it there… so we’re gonna do it.

Here are all the details we have so far, with a flyer from the band Dutch Courage:

Friday - June 8th, 2012 at Howler's

“Details?” you ask.  Details, I’ll provide.  Well, as much as I could gather, anyway…

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Fri. 07/20 – The Scratch n’ Sniffs, OTiS, & Ernie and the Berts @ The Fallout Shelter

☢ The Scratch 'n Sniffs ☢ Ernie and the Berts ☢ OTiS ☢ The Fallout Shelter 818 Raccoon St. Aliquippa, PA 15001-2360 (724) 378-3581 / (724) 375-5080 (It's in the basement of the Sheffield Lanes bowling alley.) ☢ 21+ ☢ 9:00pm ☢ $5 ☢ Friday July 20, 2012 ☢


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Fri. 06/22 | Don’t Wake the Dead, Nervous Aggression, & Ernie and the Berts @ Ozzie’s Bar & Grill!

Ω Don't Wake the Dead  Ω Nervous Aggression  Ω Ernie and the Berts       Ozzie's Bar & Grill     403 Perry Hwy.     Pittsburgh, PA 15229-1818     (412) 931-3990     OzziesBar@gmail.com   - 21+ - 9:00pm Doors / 10:00pm Show - $5 - Friday June 22nd, 2012 -


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We’ll be rocking with the shockingly scandalous Steel City Slingers and whoever’s brave enough to step up to the plate!  Here are the details so far, with an incredible flyer by the Slingers’ own Zach.



Here are the details so far…

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The Details:

Hey, you! Yeah, you, reading this… with no plans tonight… COME OUT TO A SHOW! RIGHT NOW!

✫✪✫✪✫ Attention fellow crazy muppet fuzzers!!! ✫✪✫✪✫

We’re crashing this show tonight at The Rock Room with Lycosa & Manokin. It’s guerrilla showfare at it’s finest. No one crashes a party like Ernie does, and the Berts… well, no one wants the Berts at a party. We promise to be ridiculous if you show up. Maybe we’ll even take requests. We’re probably up 1st. 9:00pm sharp! Only $4! 21+ because it’s in a bar. We know it’s last-minute, but this is way cooler than anything else you had going on tonight. Bring your friends & your enemies, then turn them against each other in a duel to the death, or buy everyone a beer and sing along.

All the details including an address for the rock room n’ what-not are here: http://www.facebook.com/events/305011089546560/

It’s $4.

It’s happening at 9:00pm.

It’s 21+.

Your presence is requested.

The Rock Room
1054 Herron Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15219
(412) 683-4418

Click here to check out (& tour) the Rock Room on Google Maps!

…Wasn’t our last gig at the Rock Room a last minute one too?