Fri. Aug. 3rd @ Howler’s: Empty Orchestra, Shores, & Ernie and the Berts!

Michigan invades Pittsburgh next Friday!  The showdown’s at one of our favorite spots in Bloomfield…

The Bands:

  • Empty Orchestra Facebook / Twitter / MySpace / ReverbNation
    We are Empty Orchestra, and we are an American musical group from Flint, Michigan. Our songs are fistfights of traditions and generations and genres and tempos and hope and doubt and death and punchlines. Our roots are in punk rock and our ambitions are for song creation without boundaries. We are a community. We love making songs, we love playing songs, we love you. Thanks. This is fun.
  • ShoresFacebook / Twitter / Tumblr / ReverbNation
    “Shores will pull you into a wintry, slowpaced haze and crescendos rising from the tinkling intros envelop you in a haunting, yet calming musical blanket. Shores make it all sound so effortless: subtle melodies twist their way around carved out guitar lines and prominent drums. It’s clean without being over-produced and offers dark and moody vibes, strung along by the constant promise of a climactic finale. Very much compelling, charming, subdued, delicate and mesmerising…” -Emily Kearns,
  • Ernie and the Berts Facebook / Reverb Nation / MySpace / Twitter / Yahoo! Group / Google+
    Sleazy Muppet Rock.  Hey Bert? You wanna play some rock and roll for the children? Bert?

The Place:

The Details:

3 responses to “Fri. Aug. 3rd @ Howler’s: Empty Orchestra, Shores, & Ernie and the Berts!

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