Check out this interview with Ernie and the Berts from AZ Productions!

So, when Ernie and the Berts opened for the Real McKenzies at the Altar Bar, we were approached by Jamie & Blair of AZ Productions HD to do an interview.  Why wouldn’t we?  I mean we are rock stars, right?  I believe this is our first video interview.  We had a blast!  They also got some live footage, and put together some nice shots for our performance of “Toybox” during the set that night.  Check it out:

So take the link and spread it like Herpes:

We’d really appreciate it (& I’m sure they would too) if you watch it & like it on YouTube (Also add it to your Ernie and the Berts playlist if you’d like.  You have one …right?), share & like it on Facebook, share & +1 it on Google+, Tweet it & Re-Tweet it, pin it, share it on tumblr, blog it… show it to your mom on your cell phone.  You know, do what you do.

Check out AZ Productions HD all over the internet:

Of course, check out the Real McKenzies from that night at the Altar Bar too:

You’ll note that the video has a shout-out to Turner’s for our sweet free Tea-shirts (sported by Bert & Bert)!  We’d like to thank them for the hookup!  Check them out on Facebook & Twitter too!  Maybe someday we’ll get the Tea-Bird (or maybe the truck) to come to a show!

If you ever get photos or video at a show, please send it our way!  We’re narcissists & we feed on it.  Mmm…  Media.

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