Win Ernie’s Pants!

Ernie has informed the Berts (and by extension all of you bad muppet fuzzers) that he will be raffling off his pants at the Real McKenzies show.  That’s the pants directly off of his ass from the show that night.  Maybe you’re hoping he brings extra pants.  Maybe you’re hoping he doesn’t.

Ernie's Pants

These may not be the actual pants that are being raffled off, but these are Ernie's pants.

Ernie has commanded that we the Berts autograph the pants along with him, and I bet we’ll personalize them too.

All you have to do to enter is to buy a physical ticket off of us.  It will be your raffle ticket.  That’s $12 for a show on Tuesday June 5th with the chance to win Ernie’s pants!

Check out the show details here!

16 responses to “Win Ernie’s Pants!

  1. Well if I hadn’t already decided about this, that would seal the deal for me. I tried to take a half-day off work that Wednesday but someone else in the department had already requested it. But what the hell — this sounds like a show I couldn’t possibly miss, so I’ll just deal with being exhausted.

    If one of you gents would kindly set aside a pair for me — of tickets, not a pair of pants — I’d greatly appreciate it. I can get in touch with one of you sometime soon to arrange getting them from you. Thanks!!!

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