Tomorrow night! Show over early, so get there early! – Also, win some free tickets!

So, to help make your plans for the Locksley show, here are some important details…

Doors are now opening at 8:30pm, show is starting slightly before 9:00pm, and the whole shebang aims to be over by 11:30 or midnight at the latest.  We know it’s a “school night”, and we know you wanna rock… so we’re making this as easy as we can for ya.

Get to the South Side early & grab a parking space nearby.  Have dinner at the Moose or any one of the great places nearby.  Hang out and make an evening of it.  Drink responsibly, tip your bartender, and pickup a CD or T-shirt from the bands if you dig ’em… especially Locksley.  Bands on tour eat & pay for gas with merch sales.  The Smiling Moose is a great place to kick back & have a beer while you wait for the rock n’ roll.

Also, here’s your opportunity for free tickets, straight from Ernie’s mouth:

Alright Kids.. Lets Play a Game. Ernie ran around all day and hung up official Locksley Posters for our big show Tuesday night at the Smiling Moose.. Can You find them? There are 4 up in different locations, on the Southside and in Squirell Hill, all should be available to view whether the business is open or closed. The first Person to make a picture of each poster and post it on the Ernie and the Berts Facebook Page, will get Free Admission to the Show on tuesday NIght! Thats four ( 4 ) possibilities to get a free ticket to the best show you’ve never seen. Keep your eyes open. I’m Looking for your Pics..
-Your Pal Ernie.Like · Comment · Saturday at 4:12pm·

    • Ernie and the Bertscontest will end when all four posters are discovered and posted, or 2 am Tuesday Morning 11/15/2011. I will need you to email me your name at ernie@ernieandtheberts.comso i can add you to the List.

      Saturday at 4:13pm

The Bands:

The Venue:

The Details:

Read more about Locksley here, and check out the videos!

❧ LOCKSLEY w/ Ernie and the Berts & The Mondaze - Tue. Nov. 15th 2011 @ The Smiling Moose (Pittsburgh, PA - South Side)

❧ LOCKSLEY w/ Ernie and the Berts & The Mondaze - Tue. Nov. 15th 2011 @ The Smiling Moose (Pittsburgh, PA - South Side)

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