Woah, yeah, kick-start my heart…

So, you did it!  You helped us meet & exceed our Kickstarter goal.  We’re not done yet though, it’s still a long road ahead!  Here are Ernie’s updates, to keep you up to speed and to say thanks:



20 hours ago, when i made the last update to the Kickstarter, I did not expect to be making another one so soon afterwards. But the roller coaster that was yesterday has made it impossible not to. WE DID IT… OR REALLY.. YOU DID IT… We have met our minimum pledge quota to receive funding to make our record. You may now have several questions..

What does this mean to me?

Well in short it means that on October 15th some money will change hands, and all of you will have made the correct decision in helping me and my friends, record, produce, promote, and distribute a record of original music. This also means any rewards you may have taken will need to be arranged so you can collect your treasures. Obviously the album is not made and is still very much in pre production, we still need to find a studio, an artist, a printer, and a duplication company. SO please be patient while we work to make this the best representation of what EatB do. I’ll be in touch with everyone as time gets closer and things progress.

What else can I do to help?

You can actually do a lot, Help spread the word about Ernie and the Berts, Just because we have met our funding minimum does not mean we are done taking pledges. There are still 25 days left to pledge and every dollar will be used to fund this project in one way or another. The initial $2000 we asked for seems like a lot of money, but recording and production of something like this can get outrageously expensive. If you could just tell your friends, family, random people you meet on the street, you never know who might really want to hear a bunch of silly songs about toys, and people that like them. And there is no ceiling to the amount of money we could raise.

I would like to take a minute to thank al of our  supporters, if i haven’t taken the time out to thank each of you in a personal email, know you have all made an impact on my life, some more than they could possibly understand.

So in summation, we did it, but its not over, keep spreading the word, Ernie and the Berts need your help. and as you’ve already proven, when its time to be there for someone, you all can rise to the occasion.

Love, Respect, Peace, and Apologies.

-Your Pal Ernie


Or maybe you’re scared of me…I’m not really sure. but regardless, you all really seem to want this record to get made, and for that i am beyond grateful.

In the continuing always interesting story of Ernie, this weekend was great. Bert threw a batman party, wifey and I went to a concert, ( more on that later ) and we spent most of sunday relaxing in bed. I’m bored these days, but that only means more silly songs, and more rambling kickstarter updates.

So about the concert. Anybody that knows me knows me knows that Fountains of Wayne is my favorite band. Utopia Parkway is my Favorite Album, and Troubled Times is my Favorite Song. I also love playing silly silly rock and roll, but when i sit down to write lyrics, I try to make sure there is something real, or honest, or at the very least amusing and makes sense when you stop to think about it. I am also a bass player and from the very first time i heard Fountains of Wayne i just connected with the way they turn a phrase, and inject intelligent pop references into everything they release. Well this weekend i got to meet them. Thanks to Wyep for booking them into Pittsburgh, Wifey for coming to see them with me, and Adam Chris, Jody, and Brian for taking the time out of their evening to speak with me, not just as a fan.. but as a person. I asked for no autographs, but what i got was much more valuable. The validation in what i had always suspected.. That the people i aspire to be like, are really nice, good people.

If i never get to see them again they still have made an impact on me in more ways than one, and i will sing their praises as long as I can. Their new record, ‘Sky Full of Holes’ is also fantastic, if you don’t have it already.. get it now..

All that said. We have less than $400 before we are officially funded. Tell your, mom, tell your dad, Ernie and the Berts are the best you’ve ever had.

Sorry about the run on sentences.. English never was my best subject…

As Always,

I Love You


I’m Sorry

-Your Pal Ernie


Update #1: 2 weeks down 30 days to go… Lets kick this off and start the show!

Well Kick my Ass and call me Ernie.. The response to our Kickstarter has been amazing so far. The way you guys are funding us I would swear some people actually wanted to hear this record. We are still around $700 away from receiving the funds, and we can always go over the minimum, But we can’t get anything until we meet the original goal of $2000.

Thanks to everyone that has already pledged, thanks to everyone that will before its all said and done, and thanks to anybody that just looks at this, and at least pretends to care. Please help spread the word, tell your friends, tell your mom, tell the cashier at the store. Just don’t tell the IRS they will probably try to take the money before the record gets made. 


Ernie and the Berts



So, again, thank you from the bottom of our little felt hearts!  Like Ernie said, there’s still time to help and there are still some sweet rewards available.

19 Backers ⚂ $2,025 pledged of $2,000 goal ⚂ 25 days to go

19 Backers ⚂ $2,025 pledged of $2,000 goal ⚂ 25 days to go

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