Ernie and the Berts needs your votes!

So, Ernie and one Bert decided to crash a Houlihan’s open stage last night in Robinson. Apparently it enters us into a contest. We’d like to take the other Bert to round 2, so we’d like you to vote for us.

How do you do that?

  1. Like Houlihan’s Robinson on Facebook.
  2. Vote for us here.

This is what we sounded like:

…sort of.  Imagine that you can hear the guitar.  People there seemed to be amused at any rate, and no one left.  Ernie & ½ the Berts unplugged was interesting to say the least.

Please vote, and have all your friends vote.  Tweet them, Facebook them, MySpace them if you still do that…  Tumblr or WordPress them, text them, call them, page them.

There were some other musicians there last night that you may want to check out:

  1. Adam & Doug
  2. Denmon Sides Project – Interestingly, they were at the Thunderbird the night that Ernie and the Berts made our debut!

Thanks in advance for voting, unless you already have voted… then thanks for that too.  Tell your friends to vote too!  We could win $1000 and some recording time or something, and we need the push to get some new music done.  Ha ha.

2 responses to “Ernie and the Berts needs your votes!

  1. Be sure to vote for “Ernie & the Burts (Minus One Burt)” & not the correctly spelled “Ernie and the Berts” entry. Thanks for voting!

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